Thursday, June 5, 2008

Safe Places

David leaves Nob and goes to Gath, the hometown of Goliath. The people threaten him, so David pretends he is insane. Then he flees to the cave of Adullum, where he can feel safe. Lucado writes that he "begins his decade in the wilderness."

Lucado asks if we have gone to a place like Gath - where we would never go under better circumstances, where we will be attacked. While we are there, we may go crazy - either figuratively or actually.

Have we gone to a place like Adullum - a cave, hiding out from the world?

Fortunately, while David was in Adullum, he "gathers himself." Lucado writes that "He returns his focus to God and finds refuge." David writes Psalm 57 at this time - "a song of David when he fled from Saul into the cave."

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