Friday, May 1, 2009

Conflict Provides Opportunities

Remember that there are 3 approaches to conflict: Escape, Attack, and Peacemaking.

People who use Escape as a way to address conflict are simply seeking a way out of the situation, an alternative focus. People who use Attack to resolve conflict are seeking selfish gain - hitting or insulting someone else will make them feel better about themselves.

But, people who use Peacemaking to address conflict have the opportunity to draw attention to the presence and power of God. We can use conflict to glorify God, to serve other people, and/or to grow more like Christ.

What?!? Conflict can be an opportunity to glorify God? To serve other people? To grow more like Christ? How can that be? I have always been so averse to conflict. Sure, I hold my ground and usually don't get too emotional about conflict, but I prefer if it doesn't occur. I cannot even imagine how God could be glorified by an argument. How I can serve my husband by fighting with him. How turmoil in our home can make me grow more like Christ? This book has me intrigued ... I am curious to learn how conflict can have positive benefits.

This post was inspired by the book "Peacemaking for Families" by Ken Sande.

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