Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Salt Principle

Smalley reminds us that salt is not just a seasoning, it actually makes us thirsty. To aid in communication, Smalley tells us to use "the salt principle." He wants us to tease our listeners with details which will make them thirsty for more. He urges us to never attempt to communicate important information without first creating a curiously for it.

I use this technique, unknowingly, with my kids all the time. Whenever I want them to listen to me, I have to sit down and adopt a "serious tone" to get them to listen. If I don't stop them and get them to focus, my words will be lost in the midst of tv, noisy toys, giggles, etc. I think it is a natural communication tool with small children because I know they are scatter-brained.

I don't consciously use this technique with my husband. Actually, until I read this book, I did not realize I was using this technique with my children.

This post was inspired by the book "For Better or For Best" by Gary Smalley.