Friday, March 12, 2010

Still Ponds

Ortberg writes that "Stillness is a prerequisite for receptivity." What?!? Stillness is not something I am good at. It is un-American. Un-productive. Lazy. People who know me know that I am rarely quiet. I love talking. When I am home alone, I usually turn the TV on so I can have background conversation.

But Ortberg uses the example of throwing a rock into a pond. If the waters of the pond are choppy and wavy, then you would not even notice a rock being thrown into the pond. It would enter the pond, amidst the waves, and pass right on through. There would be no impact from that stone.

But if the pond were totally still and calm, even a small stone can have a big impact. The stone itself will pass through the surface of the water, but it will leave its mark - those concentric rings which will spread out across the surface of the pond.

Such is the same with the Word of God. If my life is choppy and full of activity, there will be little or no impact on me from Scripture. But if my life is calm and quiet, then I am able to receive Scripture in my heart. It will have more impact on me.

This post was inspired by the book "Love Beyond Reason" by John Ortberg.

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