Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Saw the Lord

Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, has written a book about Isaiah called I Saw the Lord.   

Here are some interesting points I gleaned from this book:

-          We have a variety of substitutes for straight, lain Bible preaching, such as: audios, videos, musicals, formulas, social or political agendas, religious rituals, denominational materials, books about God’s Word.

-          The author’s parents  were asked to do a television interview in their home years ago.  Like all good housekeepers, Ruth Graham cleaned the main living room really until it was spotless  before the camera crew arrived.  Once the crew arrived, they set up all their equipment, including bright lights. Once the director shouted “Lights, Camera, Action!” and the bright lights were turned on, you could immediately see cobwebs attached to furniture legs, soot in the fireplace, and dust bunnies under the table.  What Ruth Graham had thought was “spotless” was not.  The Word of God acts like those bright lights: what we think is a “spotless” life actually contains a lot of sins and failures which are hidden in the world’s light. 

-          Nike had a Michael Jordan commercial years ago which was known for its simplicity.  The great basketball player simply dribbled the ball, took off into the air, and dunked it.  Then, the screen went blank and the words “Just Do It” appeared.  Like the message espoused in that commercial, Christians should also “Just Do It.”  We need to get beyond reading, studying, discussing, thinking, praying, and repenting … and Just Do It!  Put into practice what we know and start living it.

-          During the Roman Empire, there was no electricity.  So each town had a “firekeeper,” whose sole job was to keep the fire burning.  Through the day, through the night, through the wind, through the rain, through the storms.  Sometimes the job was easy, sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was obscenely difficult.  Such is the same with the “fire” of the Holy Spirit within each of us.  It is our job to keep that fire alive in us.  As a new Christian, the fire tends to burn strongly.  But, as the drudgery of daily life and its accompanying challenges occur, the fire dims.  We have to take responsibility for our fire: stir it up, feed it, keep it going.

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