Sunday, June 15, 2008


Lucado asks “Does one prevailing problem leech your life?” For me, yes. I guess for everyone the answer is yes. Perhaps it is better that we only have one prevailing problem. It would be so much harder to deal with several. Yet, I get so frustrated that I cannot exercise enough discipline.

Satan has a stronghold on one area of my life. He’s had it for years.

When David inherited the kingdom of Israel, he inherited a divided kingdom. David lived in Hebron, which is too far in the south. He needed a neutral, centralized city. He wanted Jerusalem. David took Jerusalem, calling it the city of David. The Bible calls it the “stronghold.”

David’s critics told him not to try to take Jerusalem. Nevertheless, he did. Lucado writes that we all need a “nevertheless” in our lives. We all need to do something despite our past. Despite our critics. Despite our limitations.

Lucado urges us to practice selective listening. To be careful who we listen to and ignore the critical, negative voices.

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