Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ogres and Friends

Lucado asks "What ogres roam your world?" For David, it was the king Saul, who threatens to kill him. For me, the term "ogre" seems harsh. Instead, there are small jabs which lots of people make at me daily - complaining clients, impatient nurses, demanding judges, rude sales clerks, screaming toddlers, blunt friends, you get the idea.

Saul tried to kill David six different times! Of course I have known this Bible story for years, but we so often forget all the details of this Old Testament history.

Even though our vengeful modern day hearts could never understand it, David befriends Saul's son Jonathon. Even more remarkable, Jonathon befriends David. He betrays his loyalty to his father and actively protects David from his father's attempts to kill David.

Lucado writes that instead of Jonathon, we have Jesus. He will protect us and save us. Lucado writes that we can focus on our Saul or our Jonathon. Our tormenters/ogres or our Jesus. Where do I focus? Sadly, I think about the people trying to hurt me throughout the day as conflicts occur. If only I focused my thoughts on Jesus throughout the day as conflicts arise.

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