Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Her Plan

The author of this book is Janet Holm McHenry, whose life was in chaos until she decided to combine praying and walking into a morning ritual she calls "prayerwalking." Two years after she started prayerwalking, she wrote this book. I, like everyone else reading this book, think that this would be a wonderful idea and my life would improve greatly if I did this. But there is no way I could do this in the morning. Certainly not every morning.

McHenry seems to be as anti-morning as I am. She writes of "D" words - discipline, decision, daily. Like all of us, she has failed diets and other resolutions in the past. Yet this activity she has somehow muscled up the discipline to complete.

During her morning walks she began by praying for her immediate family. Then she began to pray for the shop owners and businesses which she walked past. She lives in a small town and happens to know all the people who own those businesses. I think if I walked around my neighborhood I could pray for my neighbors, most of whom I do not know. I think if I began walking in my neighborhood regularly I would begin to get to know my neighbors' houses, at least.

McHenry writes that after just 2 months of prayerwalking, her son found her singing while she was making sandwiches for the family and asked her why she was so happy. McHenry had not even noticed that her demeanor and attitude had changed.

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