Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spiritual Warfare/Strongholds

McHenry writes of striking a balance between blaming spiritual warfare for every little trouble in life and ignoring the power of spiritual warfare. I am humbled by this statement because I know very little about spiritual warfare. That is one of many topics which I hope some day to have the time to study in depth.

McHenry writes of praying against specific strongholds in her community. Specifically, she prayed against alcohol and drug addictions. "Stronghold" is such a powerful image - I think of a military fort. Of a building which protects something - like Fort Knox protecting gold. Some place where the walls are impenetrable - where nothing can get inside.

When I hear pastors talk about strongholds, it is always in a bad sense. The stronghold is sin, temptation, addiction, or some other fleshly attribute. These strongholds keep a hold of our heart and mind, keeping the sin inside and allowing it to flourish. Satan creates these strongholds, keeping himself in our hearts and minds. And keeping God out.

Why don't we ever talk about Jesus being the stronghold in our life? Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if Jesus was in our hearts and minds and created a wall around us that was so strong that nothing could be let in? Like an ancient fort, the arrows of spiritual warfare could just bounce off of our walls and not enter inside or hurt us. The Bible does speak of wearing the armor of God - to protect us from harm. Like a bullet proof vest. A stronghold we all want. A stronghold of God.

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