Saturday, September 13, 2008

Individual Stories

McHenry keeps pictures of the people she is praying for. In this chapter she relates some of the people's stories. She has seen some prayers answered the way she was expecting, while others not answered. Her father died of ALS. Her prayers for healing went unanswered. Her prayers to be there when he died were unanswered. But, God did let her father die peacefully and (relatively) quickly. In some ways, her prayers were answered.

If anyone knows my story, you know that many of my prayers over the last 3 and a half years have not been answered with a YES from God. Every parent of a child with cancer, even the atheists we have met, pray for their child's cancer to miraculously disappear overnight. Every time we have a scan and meet with the neurosurgeon, we pray that our daughter's brain will show no more bright spots of tumor. Every time she loses her balance, we pray that she is simply a wobbly walker and not suffering the consequences of a spreading tumor. Every time she vomits we pray it is just reflux and not cancer related.

Before she was diagnosed with cancer, we prayed for all of her other medical conditions to miraculously disappear one day.

Yet, she continues to be on chemo and continues to have lots of medical challenges. I have seen concrete proof of her and us becoming stronger due to the journey God has put us through. But I still wonder if it had to be this way - did my daughter have to suffer so?

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