Monday, September 22, 2008

Godly Character

St. James writes about the eternal struggle of all single people: waiting for a spouse. I remember when I was single thinking I would never find a husband. Thinking that God would not bring me a spouse. That me being married was not in my future. Like everyone else, I hated waiting for a spouse.

Of course, now I am glad I waited. I have a happy marriage and am blessed with a husband who can support me and handle all the challenges which life has given us.

St. James writes that God uses this time of "waiting" to develop Godly character in me. He is preparing me for my future. I have heard this, many times. Despite my awareness that "waiting" shapes and molds me, I would prefer instant results to Godly character.

Although I am no longer waiting for a spouse, I still find myself in periods of waiting. I need to remind myself that God makes me wait for good reason and trust God in the process.

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