Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Noises

Having a toddler and a baby in my house means that it is rarely quiet in my house. I frequently think to myself "Can't I just have a whole day of peace and quiet? With no one asking to watch Mickey Mouse? Without Sabrina's pre-talk babbling?"

But what if I changed my attitude and were grateful for "Family Noises." They remind me that everyone is OK and life is continuing.

Healthy, happy children roam all around the house getting into things. When Catherine runs up and down the hallways "yodeling" to hear herself echo, I should be grateful for her aural exploration. When she opens and closes every cabinet door she can find, I should rejoice in her curiosity. When she hears me or Robby use a word that is new to her and repeats it twenty times, I should be glad she can hear us and can copy our speech.

When Catherine asks me ten times to watch "More Mickey Mouse," I should be happy that she turns to me for help. When Sabrina cries out for me because she bumped her chin when she fell, I should be thrilled that she is bravely trying to cruise around the coffee table, even though she falls still.

All of these "Family Noises" represent the members of my family living healthy, happy, normal lives - not reasons for me to want to escape.

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