Friday, January 2, 2009

Rejoice in the Lord

Phillipians 3:1, 4:4 tells us to "Rejoice in the Lord always! Again, I will say, rejoice!" With real living, it seems impossible to rejoice in the Lord at all times. What do you do when "rejoicing" is a ludicrous suggestion. When someone is sick. Or dies. Or when you lose a job. Or don't get a job. Or suffer some financial loss. The list continues ...

How on earth am I supposed to ALWAYS rejoice? Merriam-Webster online defines REJOICE as "to give joy to." So should I always give joy to the Lord? What about times when JOY seems like a pipe dream? When the circumstances of life are such that I can't even remember what JOY feels like?

Merriam-Webster online defines JOY as "a source or cause of delight." So does that mean that the Lord can be a source or cause of my delight? Of course He can, and often is. But are there times when He is not? Or is it just that the sadness/anger/dismay/whatever of life circumstances have overtaken the delight that God gives me?

This post was inspired by the book Simply Jesus and You by Joseph Stowell.

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