Saturday, January 10, 2009

Marital Wisdom From ... Rocky?

I cannot imagine taking any advice from Rocky Balboa about any subject other than how to punch someone. But, Wilson reminds us of a scene from the first Rocky movie:

Adrienne's brother asked Rocky "What do you see in my sister?" Rocky replied "I got gaps, your sister's got gaps, together we fill each other's gaps."

This is such a succinct statement regarding the complementary nature of the spouses in a good marriage. The other day I found myself in our home office doing the bills and paperwork for our family. At first I was frustrated because I seem to always end up doing the bills and paperwork.

But then I realized that perhaps one of my skills is paperwork. Perhaps that is not one of Robby's strengths.

Over Christmas we decided to renovate our stair case. That project included removing all of the old stairs and adding new oak treads and risers. This is physically demanding work. Robby and my father did the majority of the work. My only contribution was the removal of debris and clean up.

As I thought about it, I realized that one of Robby's strengths is physical labor. He has for the past almost five years of our marriage, done the majority of the physical labor tasks in our marriage. I hope that he will continue to do the tasks which require so much strength and sweat. I will gladly to the paperwork and bills.

Like Rocky said, I have gaps. Robby has gaps. Hopefully we fill each other's gaps and create a whole.

This post was inspired by The Master's Degree by Frank & Bunny Wilson.


{ jamie } said...

YO, Adrienne!!!
(I just had to.)

Great post. :-D

Mark Crumpler said...

Just found this blog of yours Victoria. Loved Rocky when i was in the ninth grade (ugh!). Still a classic - and what a great word of wisdom from one supposedly not blesseed with smarts. Thanks for the good word. I see the same truth in my house all the time.