Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fighting Satan

Imagine this scenario: one night you hear terrifying screams coming from your toddler's bedroom. When you ran to the room, someone was pulling your child out the window.

Without a second of thought, you would summon up all of your energy to interrupt this kidnapping. You wouldn't think about it. You wouldn't call your friends for advice. You wouldn't research the matter on the Internet. You wouldn't get a book to read about it. You would immediately, with every ounce of strength you have, intervene. You would risk physical harm to protect your child.

Why don't we fight Satan's attempts to get our children with the same reaction? Just because Satan is invisible and more subtle, he is just as dangerous. We cannot risk Satan gaining some ground with our children. We must be vigilant and militaristic in our efforts to protect our children.

This post was inspired by The Master's Degree by Frank & Bunny Wilson.

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