Friday, February 13, 2009

Manufacturer's Intent

The Wilsons (in the book "The Master's Degree" talk about various electronic machines in their home and their purpose. They indicate that a CD player plays CDs. A cassette tape player plays cassette tapes. A DVD player plays DVDs.

No one would reasonable think that I could play a cassette tape in a DVD player. Only a child would think a CD player could play a DVD.

The Wilsons draw a corollary between the "manufacturer's intent" of those electronic machines and the "manufacturer's intent" of men and women. They write that I should not get frustrated when I am trying to make my husband do something which his manufacturer, God, did not intend for him to do.

A large amount of the friction in our marriage, if not all, focuses on one of us being disappointed that the other person has not done something he/she should have. I pray that I can accept our differences and respect them. For some reason I have spent a lot of time thinking that people should be just like me. I guess it is arrogant to think that people should be "like me." I pray that God humbles me and teaches me to respect the differences in people.

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