Monday, March 16, 2009

Proactive Second Guessing

Animal trainers learn to live in the moment, BUT ALSO think ahead, anticipating an animal's next move or response. The trainer's safety requires such observation and prediction. The practice is called "proactive second guessing."

Chess players also learn to predict the next move (as well as the next several moves).

I know that I would be a better parent if I took the time to not only be aware of what my child is doing right now, but also what the next move or response will be. But how on earth does a parent have the time to study their children so intently? When will I be able to be so cognizant of my children? Can my brain handle all that information and filter through it so that I can learn how each child will behave in each situation?

This post was inspired by the book "What Shamu Taught me about Life, Love and Marriage" by Amy Sutherland.

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