Friday, May 15, 2009

Pretending That It's All Good

Warren writes that "Those of us who live in resource-rich countries have the luxury of pretending that life is pretty good for everyone." We, Americans, are so immersed in our world as we know it that we give very little thought to the poverty and injustice which occurs throughout the world.

When documentaries about genocide come on our TV, we change the channel. When a commercial highlighting emaciated children in Africa appears, we change the channel. When a newspaper article describes a violent crime, we turn the page (well, we click to another news article on the Internet).

We ignore the "bad" stories and pretend everything is good. Like it is in our world. Our "resource-rich" world. I have to constantly remind myself that it is a luxury to have to worry about which curtains to buy for my living room. Just before dinner tonight, we had our usual discussion of where we should eat. Of course we had sufficient food at home, but wanted to go out to be waited on and eat something a little more special. But for millions of people on the planet, ANY food for dinner tonight would have been a blessing. Just having a living room would be a blessing.

This post is inspired by the book Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.

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