Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rotten Apples

Imagine having an apple tree in your backyard. If you do not pick the apples regularly, they will rot and fall to the ground. Soon your yard will be full of rotten apples, making it impossible for your children to play in the grass. You will need to walk all over the yard and gather up all of the rotten apples to make your yard usable.

A few months later, you will be in the same situation - with rotten apples all over your yard. So you will need to wander all over the yard and gather the apples up again.

A better option is to remove the apple tree - thus preventing all the rotten apples from ruining your yard.

Like the apple tree, we can focus on the effects of our problems or address the root of our problems. The root of our problems lie within our hearts ... and is the subject of this book.

This post was inspired by the book It Came From Within by Andy Stanley.

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