Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strapped to God

Kay Warren writes of a movie I have never seen: Master and Commander. Apparently there is a scene when the main character straps himself to the mast of his ship during a thunderstorm. Therefore, no matter what powers of nature attack the ship, the captain will stay with his ship.

Warren suggests that we strap ourselves to God like that. It may not be comfortable, but when life circumstances get tough, storms come, and turmoil invades our worlds, we will remain with God. It is a whole lot easier to remain with God during storms than to allow the rough seas and high winds to separate us from God and then try to swim our way back to Him. During those times we will be so preoccupied with merely surviving the storm, that we may not even be able to see where God is, let alone navigate our way through the storms back to God.

I love this analogy!

With all of the "stuff" I have had to deal with during the last few years, I can say that most of the time I have remained "strapped" to God. There have been times when I have allowed the winds to knock me away from God. At those times I have been treading water during a storm - a horrible place to be. But when I stay close to God, I feel more secure. Sure, I still feel the storms and get hit by the winds and debris. But, I am not alone. My fears subside. I do not rely on myself to get me through the storm, I am strapped to God and His strength will keep me safe.

This post is inspired by the book Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren.

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