Friday, September 11, 2009

The Little Boy

Imagine living in a country whose king allows the people to personally visit with him every morning. A long line of people gather in the early hours of the morning and wait just to spend a few minutes with the king. Each person has requests and pleas to make to the king, hoping to gain favor in the eyes of the king. Some people bring gifts for the king. Some people dress in their finest clothes and jewelry. They practice what, exactly, they will say to the king.

Imagine that you are waiting in that long line. You are so far back in the line you can't even see the palace. You are terrified that the king's "office hours" will end long before you get to the front of the line. You're wasting your time standing in line. You won't be able to tell the king what your needs are. He won't be able to help you. You are discouraged.

Then a little boy walks by the line and stops to talk to you. For some reason, he likes you. He takes an interest in you. You almost laugh when he tells you he can take you straight into the palace, past the long line. Part of you wants to laugh at this silly child making this outrageous claim. How can you trust this little boy?

But then you look at the length of the line again. You can't even see the palace. The line of people goes on for hours. You realize that waiting in the line will NEVER get you to see the king. Plus, the little boy is quite charming and keeps telling you he can get you straight in to see the king. His persistence is intriguing. He even has the audacity to say that no one will get to the king except with him. What?!? Your legs and feet ache. So, you get out of the line and walk with the boy towards the palace.

Then over the moat and into the grand doors of the palace. You marvel at the grand foyer while the boy walks you down a hallway into a special room. It is the king's throne room. It has all happened so fast you are confused, not knowing what to think.

The king gives the boy a hug and says "Good morning, son, who did you bring to me today?" Immediately it is clear why this little boy can make the claims he does. He is not just an ordinary little boy. He is the son of the king. He does have pull. By walking with him, you can get places you can never get by yourself.

You now realize how lucky you are to know that little boy. You wonder why he chose you out of the line - what made you special? But, it doesn't matter why he chose you, just that he did. And that you decided to get out of the line and walk with him.

Such is the role of Jesus. Despite how ordinary we are, He chooses us. We can ignore Him and laugh at His claims. We can stay in line with the masses, hoping against all odds for a chance to meet God. Or we can walk with Jesus and gain a straight route to God.

This post was inspired by the book What Can be Found in LOST by John Ankerburg and Dillon Burroughs.

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