Sunday, October 4, 2009

Twins Talking in the Womb

I love this quote from Alcorn's book:

Imagine a set of twins having a discussion in their mother's womb:

"You know," one says, "there is a whole world out there - grassy meadows and snowy mountains - splashing streams and waterfalls, horses and dogs and cats and whales and giraffes. There are skyscrapers and cities and people like us - only much bigger - playing games like football and baseball and volleyball and going to the beach."

"Are you crazy?" the other twin responds, "That's just wishful thinking. Everybody knows there is no life after birth."

I love this quote because it summarizes so succinctly how limiting our imagination can be. It is a great illustration of the boundaries of our world. Babies in the womb have no idea what wonderful mysteries await them outside the womb, but the world still awaits. I have no idea what heaven is like. But my lack of knowledge about heaven should not lead me to dismiss it, like an atheist would.

This post was inspired by the book In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn.

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