Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Expansion and Contraction

Byers writes that our thought life constantly goes through phases of expansion and contraction. There are times when we can think of an expansive array of issues. There are times when we must contract what we ponder - down to only a few, or sometimes only one, issue.

Having a child who is sick has helped me contract my thought life. When Catherine was on chemo and spiked a fever, we has to rush her to the ER. I didn't worry about the laundry, the court hearing next week, whether I worked out at the gym. Nothing contracts your thoughts and actions move than illness. It can be a blessing.

Now that we are coming out of the fog of Catherine's illness, I find that I have more time and energy to expand my thoughts. I am fortunate enough that I can consciously choose where I expand my efforts to - where I can devote my time and energy.

This post was inspired by the book "The Mother Load" by Mary M. Byers.

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