Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My children are still small ... only two and four. So, they are in five point restraints every time we ride in a car. When we pull up to a location which excites one of the kids, they immediately start wiggling in their car seats and try to undo the latches themselves.

Each one of the girls wants to get out of the boring car seat and get out!! But, neither can do it by herself. Each needs help from a "bigger source" - me. I (well, any adult) am needed to undo the latches and set the girls free. Without assistance from someone else, my girls would forever sit in their car seats.

The bonds of sin have a similar effect on me. I am trapped. I may want out. I wiggle and struggle and try to get myself out, yet it is not possible for me to escape on my own. I need a "higher power" to set me free. Thankfully, God unhooks the latches for me and releases me.

This post was inspired by the book The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren.

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