Monday, May 17, 2010

The Wide Target

Meyers writes that receiving God's love, just like receiving anything, is an active act, not a passive one. She writes that a football player is called a wide receiver, not a wide target. The player must position himself so that he can receive the football, avoid obstacles, and reach out, grab and hold on to the football.

With God's love, we have to take the same steps:

Avoid obstacles. Get out of the way of sin, temptation, worldly values, and Satan's lure.

Position ourselves. Empty our hands and lives of harmless, yet interfering, things. Look towards God. Focus on the incoming love.

Reach out, grab and hold on. Once we have God's love in our grasp, we need to keep it there. This takes more action on our part. Satanic forces will still try to pull it out of our hands.
I have frequently read that God is trying to bless us, but our hands are so full with minutia that there is no space for Him to put blessings in our hands. Like an organizational consultant trying to clean our house, we have to de-clutter our lives and remove the minutia (not just the sinful temptations, the harmless stuff that just takes up time and energy).

This is such a challenge for me, as it is for everyone.

This post was inspired by "Look Great, Feel Great" by Joyce Meyers.

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