Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Turtle on a Fence Post

Stowell compares people to a “turtle on a fence post.”  The view is better and it is a loftier place to be than the ground.  But, it is physically impossible for a turtle to get himself on a fence post.  In fact, the turtle most likely has no idea that a fence post exists and that it would be nice to sit on top of it.  From the turtle’s ground perspective, all he can see is the base of a post, probably unable to tilt his head to look that far up.

But, with the help of a person to lift him off the ground, the turtle can rise above his normal life and sit atop a fence post.  As Christians, we are like that turtle on a fence post.  It takes someone else, Jesus, to lift us out of the mire of our daily lives and place us where He wants us.  Like the turtle, many of us are completely unaware of the better life available to us.  Perhaps we have heard about it from another “turtle.”  But we cannot climb up there by ourselves, without His divine intervention.

This post was inspired by Simply Jesus and You by Joseph Stowell.

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