Sunday, June 3, 2012

Influence ...

Chapman writes "Our fathers are carried around inside of us long after they are dead.  We continue to model after them, dialogue with them, and listen to them.  Many of us continue to mirror the image of ourselves that our fathers have written on our souls."

This quote comes from a chapter focusing on husbands, so that is why it is specific to fathers.  But I believe that mothers have the same influence on children.  I have to confess that that thought terrifies me!  Of course I want to influence my children and spend all day every day teaching them, guiding them, correcting them, etc.  But I still wonder if I am shaping them in the right way.  Of course I am not sure what the right way is. 

I spend a lot of time wondering what my children will be like when they are in their 20's, or 30's.  Will they be strong Christians?  Supporting themselves?  Have stable families?  At that point (assuming I am still alive) I will know if my parenting was successful or not.  But, if my parenting was not successful and they are not what I want them to be, at that point, it will likely be too late for me to parent them further.  The damage, so to speak, will be done.

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