Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Public Prayer

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6 to "go to your room and close the door to pray." I have always taken this to heart because I am so bad at praying out loud. I admire and am so jealous of people that can pray aloud well. They sound so eloquent and I feel so incompetent when I pray aloud. I rely on this verse to calm my insecurities. God sees how I pray when I am alone. That is the more genuine, honest prayer because there is no audience but God.

McHenry reviews the Lord's prayer and encourages us to follow that format. She encourages us to pray simply. As a former English major and former debater, I know that good writing and good speaking is succinct. Bad writers take 30 pages to say nothing. How many times have you listened to a speaker for 45 minutes and had no idea what was said? Quantity of prayer is not important to God - frequency and honesty are.

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