Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sexual Addiction

Meberg writes that "the pattern for marriage is that a husband is "fit to head." He must love his wife as Christ loves the church." Wives should not submit to men who sin or to quietly condone their sin in the name of marital submission. This is comforting to me because my husband does love God and does strive to be serve him. Therefore, I should relax and readily submit to my husband. However, I am not sure what "submit" means in a practical sense.

The focus of this chapter is sexual addiction. Meberg writes that "Satan's greatest tool against humanity is sexual perversion and pornography." Of course those two terms are defined many different ways - what may be sexually perverse to one person may be totally normal to another.

I am always amazed at how many male politicians, reverends, etc. have destroyed their careers because of sexual misconduct. I always wonder "was it worth it?" Did the benefits of the Lewinsky affair outweigh the risks Clinton took? So many men risk (and lose) so much for sex. Is it truly Satan's way of attacking men?

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