Monday, January 5, 2009

Switching Price Tags

Stowell tells a hypothetical story of a few pranksters who broke into a hardware store. They did not steal or damage anything. Instead, they simply switched all the price tags around. When the store opened the next morning, customers were charged $199.99 for a hammer and $8.99 for a chain saw. Some customers were furious, but some were ecstatic.

This silly story reminded me of the VALUE we place on different things. There is such a great variation between what one person considers trash and one person considers treasure. Any visit to a yard sale will tell you that.

Likewise God's value system and the world's value system diverge. God puts no value on yachts and mansions. The world puts no value on helping construct houses in rural Mexico. Or spending several hours talking with a complete stranger about Jesus. Or praying.

When I look at how I spend my time, my money, and my energy - I need to analyze which value system am I applying - God's or the world's?

This post was inspired by the book Simply Jesus and You by Joseph Stowell.


Thru My Camera's Lens said...
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Thru My Camera's Lens said...

I'm glad that thw degree of importance on things we value is pretty compatable.