Monday, October 5, 2009

Planning Ahead

Before we go on a trip, we plan ahead by studying our destination. I research it as much as I can so I will know what to expect, know what I will see, etc. Before we took the girls to Disney World, we stated taping television shows about the parks, as well as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all things princess. I wanted them to get excited about the trip and to learn about it ahead of time.

Heaven is my final destination, as it is for all Christians. Yet I know very little about it, almost nothing. Every time I have thought about heaven in the past, I have simply dismissed the topic with the vague "I couldn't possibly understand it." Than I have returned all my thoughts to my to do list and my daily agenda.

The Bible, Alcorn writes, is my travel guide to heaven. I need to study the Bible and what it tells me about heaven so I can learn more about my destination.

This post was inspired by the book In Light of Eternity by Randy Alcorn.

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