Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time with God

Byers writes that "Time spent with God not only blesses us, it blesses those in our lives."

I need to remember this and re-orient my day so that I can spend time with God every day! It will benefit not only me, but my children and my spouse too.

When I am consistent with my quiet times, I do notice my mindset changing. Recently I have been trying to study Biblical history. I have been amazed at how much reverence was placed on the ark. How much the people worshipped the Word of God. Compared to now, when even Christians ignore the Word. We live in a country with religious freedom, but many Americans are Biblically illiterate. If only we revered the Word like the Israelites revered the ark.

This post was inspired by the book "The Mother Load" by Mary M. Byers.

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